Dog Bath plumbing and installation

10th July 2019

Small dog grooming business electric shower and dog bath plumbing and fitting

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Garage workshop conversion

24th May 2017

Conversion of rear of garage to workshop, including insulation of floor and ceiling, stud wall installation with door and...

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Plumber in Hutton - Limescale inhibitor

30th October 2016

New limescale inhibitor fitted to incoming mains water supply to help protect new kitchen appliances and ball / float...

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Warehouse Improvement in Stratford

22nd September 2016

Installation of raised bath with shower mixer in warehouse at an office supplies company in Stratford, East London. Raised...

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New Office Kitchen

12th August 2016

Installation of new staff kitchen area at rear of high street office in Walthamstow. Including installation of latest Quooker...

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